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My queens of queens (of RuPaul’s Drag Race)

Hey hunties! We’re two-thirds through season 6 of Logo smash hit and my weekly praise meeting RuPaul’s Drag Race, and the competition is down to 7 queens. In celebration, I’ve compiled my own sensational seven from all seasons. Let the extravaganza eleganza begin!


I’ll just leave you here with this image.

Any questions?


This bitch is on point and can fire on all cylinders. Pro fo sho. While her drag aesthetic isn’t my personal fave, it’s airtight and fits her like a glove. She’s taking her years of experience and professionalism to the top this season, and it’s refreshing that she’s paying it forward to the young queens who need it…even if they don’t want it at the moment.


And her one-liners on and off the stage sometimes make the episode. Her win in the Queens of Comedy episode was a total Joslyn Fox — a no-brainer! And can we talk about her expressions for a minute? I DIE.



HIYEEEEEE. Alaska, Alaska, Alaska. A strong personality, unconventional take on beauty, relatable vulnerabilities and wit for miles. Many people view her as the accompaniment to former long-term BF Sharon Needles overture, but this queen rightfully claimed and kept her own spotlight.

And for all of her quips, barbs and straight spot-on reads, girl’s got her head on right. Gotta love a queen — or anyone — who values being the best you over being just better than the rest.



The most controversial of the bunch, but that’s part of the Willam appeal. She’s not a villain but a true character, including getting kicked off reality TV for a conjugal visit, the unshamelessly plastering runway props with Willam stickers and VOMITING during judging. And that’s just on Drag Race.

And that body.


PLEASE. Sick to death.


It took a while for her to grow on me, but it worked. She’s every bit THE millennial queen: young, full of self-esteem and eager to throw in her inexperienced two cents. She can be a bit sloppy (cinch that waist, bitch!), but sloppy can work, especially when next to uber-fish like Courtney Act or Gia Gunn, like a runway look that’s as much John Waters as it is Barbie. And she’s grown tremendously since the premiere, gifting us gems like these along the way:


Also, her Snatch Game embodiment of Anna Nicole Smith alone could’ve earned her a spot here…and it showed her pop culture prowess.



No focus on big girl comments here, just compliments on Ms. Royale’s grace, humor and self-awareness. She’s a class act who classed up her style in her Drag Race stint. She owns who she is and keeps it all real. No basic bitch here, bb!


And we must all bow down to the glory that is Latrice’s lip sync of Aretha’s Natural Woman. That performance saved her from elimination but it was also a master class in lip sync.


Perhaps my fave of faves, Jujubee represents what makes drag more than dudes in wigs: talent, beauty, humor and adaptability. And a love for fried chicken.

And she slays it on the runway. Not just body but hair, makeup and face! The girl serves IT. ALL. I’m jealous of this boogie!

Nice until you prove yourself shady, selfish or just plain dumb, she doesn’t just look like us ladies wish we could look, she sayd what we all want to say.

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My queens of queens (of RuPaul’s Drag Race)